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Corporate Philanthropy

Whether you are interested in starting your own foundation or simply want to fund charitable causes in the community, BK Foundation Advisors can eliminate the hassle and get you and your employees engaged in doing good.

Vision is the first step, but along with vision you must have strategic intent.


What We Do

Vision and Strategy

BK Foundation Advisors will work with you to transform your values into real goals and objectives that will create lasting change in the community. 

Grantmaking Services

BK Foundation Advisors will help you streamline your grantmaking process and focus your efforts to ensure your giving is maximized.  

  • Research, site visits, and all other due diligence required to make sure your money is spent appropriately 

  • Defining areas of focus and identifying potential transformational grant opportunities 

  • Establishing a user-friendly online portal for applications, midterm and final reports, and other agency communications 

  • Connecting you to agencies and nonprofits within your designated focus areas 

  • Creating a fair grant evaluation process 

  • Ensuring minimum distribution and all other federal requirements are met 

Metrics and Analytics

Are your programs successful? How does your foundation measure impact? BK Foundation Advisors will evaluate your programs and work with you to set up reporting structures and benchmarks needed to evaluate their effectiveness in the community. 

Leadership Retreats

Engaging family, committees, and board members is crucial to the success of your foundation. We will work with you to organize your priorities and plan an inspiring event that energizes your team and achieves optimal results. 

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