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Start a Foundation

BK Foundation Advisors is here to guide you from the very beginning. Whether you are an individual, family or corporation, we will help your new foundation start off on the right footing and navigate the pitfalls that often trip up fledgling organizations. Our goal is to elevate your vision to ensure your charitable giving makes an impact that is inspirational, practical and sustainable. 


Before beginning your journey into philanthropy, think about what inspires you. We can help you translate that passion into good for the community. 


Are there already nonprofit organizations doing the work? Are your programs and ideas needed? We will help you develop programs that benefit the causes you care about and provide practical solutions to needs in the community. 


Will your charitable legacy still be here in 50 years? How can you make a lasting impact? We can help you determine the right avenue to maximize the good you can do in the community. 

What We Do

Preliminary Strategy Session

BK Foundation Advisors will sit down with you to discuss your philanthropic passions and ideas and present various charitable vehicles that best match your giving goals. This practical, comprehensive consultation will help set you on the right course. 

Mission Development

BK Foundation Advisors will work with you to identify your goals and establish your mission. We can help you define your focus and determine the best way to make an impact in the community.

Strategic Planning

We will help take your charitable ideas from concept to reality by developing a giving strategy that is inspirational, practical, and sustainable. 

Business Planning

The BK team can work with your management to develop a comprehensive business plan for your charitable organization, designed to provide a road map for future direction and growth as well as an incentive for philanthropic investment from donors. 

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