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Case Studies

Led by Bob Kelly, the BK Foundation Advisors team has a proven track record helping foundations of all sizes do good in their communities. We specialize in helping grantmakers define their vision and goals so that giving can be inspirational, practical and sustainable. It’s not about charity – it’s about strategic philanthropy with measurable outcomes that advance your mission. Read our case studies to learn more about how we can help your foundation make an impact.

Shaping a Family's Legacy

A family foundation grew in size after the passing of its founders. BK provided guidance and support to help the family make larger and more meaningful grants than ever while honoring the matriarch's vision.

Investing in the Future

A homebuilder wanted to give back to the community. BK identified a vision that aligned with the company’s needs – funding vocational training for its future workforce.

Intergenerational Grantmaking

A grandmother wanted to engage her grandchildren in philanthropy. By starting a family foundation together, they embarked on the journey of a lifetime.

Cultivating Employee Pride

A company restructured its giving program in response to employee feedback, achieving a 100% satisfaction rate and a morale boost for its team.

Providing Expert Guidance

A foundation struggled to manage its investments. BK developed an investment program and brought in an advisor to manage it, while tracking performance metrics to ensure goals were met.

Starting a Foundation

From legal filings to board development, grant guidelines to investment policies, a lot needs to happen before you can award your first grant. BK will help you start off on the right foot.

Closing a Foundation

Some foundations are designed to spend down; others decide to close for different reasons. Whatever the circumstance, BK will create a detailed phase-out plan and help you see it to completion.

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