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Case Study

Starting a Foundation

Bob and his team have worked with several foundations over the years that needed help navigating the startup process. While starting a foundation to achieve your philanthropic goals can be extremely rewarding, it’s also quite a lot of work! That’s where the BK team comes in.

BK can facilitate all aspects of establishing your foundation from initial IRS filings up until you award your first grant and long thereafter. We’ll help you find attorneys and CPAs who understand the nuances of nonprofit law, file paperwork with the IRS and attorney general, develop articles of incorporation and bylaws, assemble your board of directors, define investment policies and procedures, and develop grantmaking strategy and guidelines.

Bob Kelly and the BK team have more than four decades of experience nurturing startup foundations throughout Southern California. Aside from making sure you’ve dotted all your i’s and crossed all your t’s, we will help you develop a strategic plan and refine your vision so that your grantmaking will be inspiring, practical, and sustainable.

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