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Whether your mission is to end homelessness or prepare foster youth for adulthood, we are here to ensure your organization provides an inspirational, practical and sustainable impact in the community. We offer the following services to the nonprofit sector:

Initial Start-Up Support

We offer services to get your new nonprofit organization up and running, including incorporation, official founding documents, IRS and state tax exemption, best practice policies, initial board meeting support, and accompanying processes and documents.

Supplemental Start-Up Support

We are available to assist your formation team in developing an initial three-year budget, cash flow forecasting, banking, insurance, and various administrative and procedural support. 

Finance Services

We can provide managerial support for board-level financial analysis and presentations, budgeting, developing and monitoring key performance indicators, selection and interaction with CPA auditors, financial best practices advisory services, documentation of processes and procedures, and financial staff selection and training.

Investment Services

If your nonprofit organization has an endowment or other assets requiring careful and strategic investments, our services include the development of a formal investment policy, recruitment and liaison with your investment committee, and related services to ensure your investments are well-managed and prudent. 

Compensation Services

We offer a full range of compensation services, including policy development, compensation analysis for key officer positions, recruitment of a compensation and benefits committee, and presentations to the committee and management team. 

Risk Management Services

We are available to assist you in forming an Enterprise Risk Management committee, identifying relevant risk factors for your organization and potential solutions, and selection of an insurance firm.

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