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Case Study

Investing in the Future

A local real estate developer asked Bob Kelly for help because they wanted to start giving back to the community but weren't sure how. Bob and his team met with the company's top leadership to assess their goals. What did they want to accomplish? What are the big issues facing their company? How would this charitable giving relate to their brand?

The BK team developed a strategic plan centered around the company’s challenge of not being able to find enough qualified construction workers. BK recommended a grantmaking program that would help high schoolers develop a passion for quality workmanship, along with the math, science and computer skills needed to work in today’s high-tech construction industry.


The company’s foundation gave grants to help high schools build machine shops and woodworking shops. They gave funding to school districts to hire vocational teachers and create sophisticated technology programs that still exist today. With BK’s help, the company took its mission to build quality homes and applied it to helping local schools develop a quality workforce.

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